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Strike Industries Viper Mod1 Butt Pad Review
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Strike Industries Viper Mod1 Butt Pad Review

To install the Mod1 butt pad is fairly simple. Just hook the groove on the back of a Viper stock and install the set screw and tight it down. Remember its plastic, and don't need to crank it down.

Mod1 Butt Pad & Screw

Hook on the Mod1 Butt Pad.

Install the screw to hold pad into place.

Installed Mod1 Butt Pad on Viper Stock.


The Strike Industries Rubber Butt Pad is a drop in add on for the Viper Mod1 Stock system. The lightweight, slim profile enhances control and usability of the Viper stock without dramatically increasing weight or bulk. At only 0.36” in thickness, the butt pad doesn’t sacrifice the minimalist nature that the Viper stock is known for while at the same time its flexibility offers some level of recoil attenuation. The hybrid construction of impact resistant TPE integrated on a rigid polymer frame combines strength and resilience to provide the best of both worlds in creating the best possible shoulder weld. Install takes a few minutes, and only tools that are need is an allen wrench.


Package includes:
- 1x Rubber Butt Pad
- 1x Mounting Screw

- Drop In installation
- Slim Profile
- Enhanced control
- Lightweight

Price: $13.95

Reviewer Input:
Will the Viper stock is good the way it is out of the box, the addition of the Viper Mod1 Rubber Butt Pad only makes it better. It give the more grip, without being overly sticky or soft. It doesn't add much more length to the stock but it does give it that just right amount of length while still being compact which is one of the great parts of the Viper stock.nstall is super easy that anyone can do, and takes just a few minutes to install. You will need an allen wrench to install the screw to hold the butt pad. Like all Strike Industries products, you get a good quality product without taking a lot out of your pockets.

Link to site: http://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/index.php/viper-rubber-buttpad.html#.V_19vc_rvVI

Price - 5/5
Function - 5/5
Quality - 5/5
Durability - 4/5

Overall Rating - 5/5


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