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For Sale / Trade / Wanted
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If you list an item for trade or sale or a post in regards to wanting an item in this section please remove your post when the deal is completed or the item is no longer desired.

 All post made will be removed from this topic if you are not logging in to check your post at least every 30 days.

All listings in regards for firearms must comply with the laws of the USA, and both parties States. Transfers across State lines should be done through a FFL holder as well as transfers within most State lines.

Weapon-Owners is not responsible for you obeying / complying with the law nor are we responsible for deals / legalities / liabilities between the parties.

If you have been ripped - off by someone please contact an admin so we can find out the details, speak to both parties and lock the person's account if necessary .

 Thanks.  :(m(  :(lii