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ArchAngel Nomad .22 kit
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 This review is for the Nomad kit that is modeled after the HK G36 for the Ruger 10/22.
  This kit is made by Archangel from carbon fiber reinforced polymer.
             Ultra light stock weighs only 3 lbs.
             Folding buttstock with recoil pad folds from 36-3/4″  to 28-3/8″  overall length with standard     18-  barrel.
             Aluminum reinforced full length Picatinny top rail
             Includes sights Adjustable for windage and elevation
             Hand guard accessory rail
             Extended magazine release
             Extended and enhanced bolt release
             Aluminum hand stop with integrated sling mount
             Aluminum flash hider (fits all standard barrels)
             Dummy suppressor (fits 18-  standard barrels)
             2 storage compartments
 I have always loved the look of the G36 so this kit appeals to me. It was actually better made than I thought it would be. The stock folds and has a catch on the side. It does not feel cheap. It seems to be well balanced and points really well. The only improvement I would like to see would be molded in metal inserts for threads throughout the stock.. Of course most companies do not do this so it is not out of the ordinary that Archangel does not either. Just remember this when you assemble the kit as to not over-tighten and strip the threads for the screws.
 The instructions are done fairly well. They are helpful and the exploded view is nice.. there is some modification to the trigger group in the form of a new bolt hold open and a new mag release that has to be installed. Not difficult even for a novice due to the detailed instructions with drawings that assist you in this task.
 My review will follow my steps in assembly with red arrows highlighting details.
 I would give this kit 5 stars.. I love it !.
 I will take it out shooting next and update this review with details.
 I will post this in sections to help explain the pictures..

 ***********   First off... POINT IN A SAFE DIRECTION and MAKE SURE THE FIREARM IS UNLOADED... Again CHECK THE ACTION and LOOK IN THE BREECH (not the muzzle end)  and VERIFY THE FIREARM IS UNLOADED !!! ************

 Here is the kit itself along with the factory Ruger 10/22.

Next is an image of the breakdown diagram if the kit.

This is an image of what your finished project will look like.

Here is the Ruger after the barrel band has been removed and the screw located in front of the mag well on the bottom of the firearm has been removed. This enables you to slide the barreled action out of the stock. Make sure your safety is halfway between the off and on position or it may damage your firearm or factory stock.

Use a piece of wood and a brass puch with a hammer and tap (not destroy or beat) out the sight blade.

This is what it looks like removed.

Now on to the trigger mods. Here is an image of the trigger mod pictorial.
rooster the hammer / bolt and place the safety in the "on" position. Remove these two pins from your trigger housing.. You may need to tap them out with a punch and hammer.
When the trigger group is removed you will have this.

Now remove the pin for the mag release and remove the release.

Remove the plunger and spring and pay attention to the direction and placement of the spring.

remove the bolt hold open device but leave the pin partially in the housing to support the hammer spring.. **do not remove hammer**

This is an image of the parts you should have removed.

This is an image of the new components going back in.

Replace the bolt hold open first with the new supplied part.

Then replace the mag release. Pay attention to make sure the spring is in correctly and that the new mag release is aligned in the cut out on the plunger or it will not work.

verify the new mag release and bolt hold open move freely and function as they should..
Re-install the trigger group into the receiver.

Replace the pins and this is what it should look like.

 Time to get on to the kit install !!!
 Disassemble the kit for the new install. Remove the carry handle first.

Remove the screw on the handguard and slide it off of the upper assembly.

Remove the top plate screw on the upper.

Remove the two front screws. then remove the upper assembly.

Place the barreled action into the lower assembly of the Nomad g36 kit. Make sure it is flush and seated properly. Then replace the screw you kept earlier from the original stock and install it from the bottom of your new stock into your receiver.

Replace the upper assembly and install the four small screws. do not overtighten. just make them snug.

Replace the two front screws into the upper assembly

Replace the top screw into the back of the upper.

Reinstall the carry handle by sliding it into the groove from the back of the firearm to the front.

place screws into retainers to mount the carry handle.

Insert screws into carry handle in designated places as per your instructions / diagram.

Place threaded retainers on other side and hold in place as you tighten them. Do not overtighten.

Carry handle is now mounted

Re-install handguard by sliding over barrel into place.

Replace screw on handguard. Do not overtighten.

Decide if you want a flash hider or the fake suppressor. This install covers the fake suppressor. Notice the cut out in the fake suppressor and how it fits onto the front sight block.
Slide it onto the barrel like so.

Then pin it in place.

You have completed your build. enjoy !! It should look like this.


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Re: ArchAngel Nomad .22 kit
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very well put together install guide!! with instructions and pictures like these I am sure anyone could do this with relative ease!
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Re: ArchAngel Nomad .22 kit
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pretty sweet...

Re: ArchAngel Nomad .22 kit
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Well, crap! Looks like i need to find another 10/22. The HTA P90/22 needs a friend in the gun safe. :)

Re: ArchAngel Nomad .22 kit
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This review is awesome! It would've been so helpful when I put mine together. Its a fun little pinker for sure, and looks sexy as hell